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Who We Are

Navigating the pathways to build truly equitable organizations and community is both utterly necessary and deeply complicated.

We can help you navigate those pathways, and build resilient, diverse, inclusive and equitable environments.

inPath XR is where XR meets DEI. We see both the short term and long term benefits of centering diversity, equity and inclusion, and we think the road to both human happiness and successful business ventures lies in focusing on people and their connections. We also believe that technology, when used as a tool to accomplish those goals, can elevate humanity instead of distracting and dividing us. Our teams and organizations have both the expertise and the commitment to these principles needed to build a next evolution in human connection, equity, success and happiness.

inPath XR is the parent company for an ecosystem of projects that cover multiple areas of need

DEI Trainings

aMazeXR guides organizations on their journey to build internally diverse, equitable and inclusive work environments.

Product Community Resiliency

VorteXR works with organizations to develop resilient, healthy and successful relationships with their product communities.

DEI XR Projects

belong·xr facilitates inclusive and equitable community in the metaverse via community based projects.

Connect With Us!

We believe a sense of community and connection, with a true foundation of equity and inclusion, is critical to the evolving landscape of digital communities, products and organizations. If you agree, or if you have questions, we’d love to talk to you!